AKAIGAWA TOMO PLAYPARK is the one and only “play park” in Japan where you can enjoy the vast nature in various ways.

A “play park” is a “vast space” where you can enjoy nature as it is. In order to further expand the “range of enjoyment,” activities that match the unique topography of each natural feature are developed within the park. The park is characterized by its ability to allow visitors to not only passively “embrace” nature, but also to actively “interact” with it.

The camp field has spacious grass free sites where you can lay down your car like a semi-auto, and there is also a living box glamping plan. The wooded area, lined with white birches at just the right spacing, provides gentle shade. The open sky area offers a star-filled view at night. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the mountain stream flowing beside the campground.

Address:Meiji 56, Akaigawa Village, Yuichi-gun, Hokkaido
Tel:+81 (0)135-34-7575
Web site:https://playpark.akaigawa-tomo.com/en/