About Shiribeshi

About Shiribeshi

 The Shiribeshi jurisdiction is located in the western part of Hokkaido and is composed of 20 municipalities. Rich in nature such as Mt. Yotei and the beautiful coastline, it is also blessed as a “treasure of food” such as marine products and agricultural products, and abundant sake such as wine, sake, beer and whiskey is also made.

 Taking advantage of nature such as the sea, mountains, and rivers, you can experience a variety of activities according to the four seasons, which is another attraction of Shiribeshi.

What is “ShiriBeshi Adventure” ?

 This is a video summary site that collects adventure tourism in the Shiribeshi jurisdiction so that Shiribeshi can visit immediately after COVID-19 has subsided. I hope that it will lead to the discovery of the charm of Shiribeshi with the feeling of “Where should I go when COVID-19 has subsided?”。

Organizer: Hokkaido Government Shiribeshi General Subprefectural Bureau, Industrial Promotion Department, Commerce, Industry, Labor and Tourism Division

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